Beny Fitness Treadmill Reviews

Beny V-Fit Treadmills are a popular choice in budget treadmills

Beny are a relatively new UK company founded in 2002, with a product range of fitness equipment from skipping ropes and ankle weights to treadmills and elliptical trainers.
The Beny range of treadmills are aimed at the low, mid, and higher range of the market, with prices from under £100 to around £1000
They are gaining popularity because they allow beginners to start on the road to fitness with some very competitively priced entry level models.

Because they have such a wide range of models at different price points, the warranty can vary greatly from machine to machine. We would always recommend you check with your retailer before making any purchase.

The lower priced models can be very simple to install. Manual treadmills really just need you to pop the frame into place and secure it. Even so, we haven’t had any issues assembling any of the models that we have reviewed.

The Beny treadmills that we have reviewed have all had decent design, Granted they are not going to win any awards for groundbreaking looks, but we have certainly seen treadmills that look a lot worse.

So whether you are looking for a basic treadmill to stroll indoors, or something that will really challenge you, the Beny range are competitively priced and are certainly worth considering.

Beny Fitness Treadmills Currently Available In The UK

V-Fit PET Treadmill

The V-Fit PET Treadmill has not yet been reviewed, but is available at the cheapest price from for £249.00

Beny Fitness Treadmills No Longer Available In The UK

V-Fit Strider

The Beny V-Fit Strider treadmill, or to use it’s full name – the ‘Beny V-Fit Strider CPTv-02 Folding treadmill’ is one of the cheapest on the market…

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