BH Fitness Treadmill Reviews

Innovation with a unique style of their own

BH Fitness treadmills are made by the US fitness company of the same name, in fact, they only make models under this brand name and for no one else.

They are one of the world’s largest fitness manufactures established in the 1960′s and initially designed and made equipment for the commercial market – there wasn’t much of a home market back then!

They have a good reputation for innovative features – see the Jet Set below – built into reliable, quality machines. Their esigns are certainly quite eye-catching compared to many run-of-the-mill home fitness machines.

They export all over the world to both home and commercial markets and can claim to be one of the few sports equipment companies to be certified in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. For us this means we can buy their machines and be assured that it’s passed rigorous testing. In fact the whole process of design,
manufacture, export, delivery and on-going customer service should
run like clockwork!

We’ve tried quite a few of their treadmills to date and they do have a unique style and feel to them which sets them apart from many of the competition. Their consoles in particular (see left) have a very hi-tech look to them, you either love or hate them but you can’t argue with their features – see our thoughts below.

They’ve quite a range of models on the market with prices starting at around £450 going up to over £1,500 (not including their commercial range).

BH Fitness Treadmills Currently Available In The UK

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