Horizon Omega 309 Treadmill Review

The Horizon Omega 309 treadmill is a very stylish looking machine that delivers what it promises.

The variable cushioning gives the deck a soft and comfortable feel and compares well to other machines in the same price bracket.

The running area is a little on the small side compared to others but then it is a compact machine that should fit into most homes – although do measure up first :0) The long handles give the impression of the deck being longer than the actual dimensions so we don’t think this would be an issue.

Initially we thought its 1.75HP motor would be a bit under-powered but all our doubts disappeared once we fired it up and got on the deck. It’s one of their Digital Drive motors that’s covered with a lifetime guarantee – so you can get an idea of the confidence Horizon have in it.

We know a number of users with this model and they’re very impressed with it.

The console is easy to use – see below with one-touch controls for speed and incline which saves frantic pressing to bring the speed down if you’re fading on the last straight.

We liked the e-Trak feature which tracks your progress and displays details of your current session, average sessions over a period of time, your last session, and weekly totals. This helps you to set goals and keeps you motivated to carry on training to improve your times. Motivation is key to achieving your fitness goals and we feel features like this are a real bonus.

The pre-set programmes are varied enough with the usual fat-burning, hill runs, interval and weightloss workouts. However, whilst it has hand-grips to measure your pulse it doesn’t have a built-in polar chip that would allow you to wear a chest strap.

It takes a bit longer to assemble than other models though it’s not difficult. It’s easy to move around and although light it feels stable in use.

It comes with an excellent warranty for this price bracket, easily better than a number of its rivals. It has lifetime on the frame AND motor, plus 3 years fo everything else.

Best Price

The Omega 309 is not currently available from any retailers we're aware of in the UK.