NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Folding Treadmill Review

We have not yet had the opportunity to properly review the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Folding Treadmill, but hope to be able to very soon.

More than likely NordicTrack is a name that, if you didn’t know it before, you’ve become familiar with since you started your search for a new treadmill.

that you have come across treadmills made by NordicTrack. NordicTrack is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of home fitness equipment and has been making treadmills for longer than many of their customers have been alive. With something in their range to suit just about everyone, they deal in everything from mid-priced models through to top-of-the-line running machines loaded with goodies, features and functions. Their Commercial 1750 treadmill is one of their high-end models and we were keen to see how it compares with other models out there at this price point. Here’s what we found…..

Assembly, like with all treadmills, is a two person job but thankfully it’s not a particularly difficult one. Once unpacked, it took us about 45min to build the treadmill. The build went smoothly with all the parts fitting neatly into their respective places. All a good sign that the manufacturing process and the quality controls in operation work which is, of course, all very reassuring.

Once assembled this treadmill looks the part. The thick gauge steel frame, the large running area, the stabilising crossbar and the general heavy-set look of it give it an air of being a proper running machine. As the word ‘commercial’ has been used, now is a good time to raise a quick but important point about the name of this treadmill. The specs on this machine such as the hefty 3.6 horsepower continuous duty motor and the large 55cm x 152cm (22” x 60”) running area do indeed compare favourably to an entry level gym class machine, hence the name. But while NordicTrack has called it the ‘Commerical 1750’, this is, in fact, most definitely a domestic treadmill, not a commercial one. As such if you’re a PT and are looking at buying a treadmill for your clients to use in a private gym, it’s worth remembering that the NordicTrack warranty only covers domestic and not commercial use.

Climbing onto the 1750 and giving it the ‘shake test’ reinforces that feeling of solidity you get when just looking at it. The crossbar that sits in between the two posts adds significant structural reinforcement and when combined with the overall heavy-set nature of this running machine, provides a good level of stability. This treadmill feels solid and that huge running area makes you feel safe, providing plenty of space to move around without getting too close to the edges. At 152cm (60″) in length, the deck is long enough to accommodate even the tallest runner and at 55cm (22″) wide it’s got lots of space adding to the feeling of security.

In terms of usability, the 3.6 horsepower does a good job of keeping noise levels down. A noisy motor on a treadmill always makes for a less than enjoyable experience and can make even a reasonably well-built machine feel dreadful.  Thankfully there were no such issues with our test unit. It comfortably drives the running belt up to a maximum speed of 22km (13.6mph) which is more speed than 98% runners will ever need – even seasoned competitors won’t find this treadmill lacking for pace. The decision to use 2.5″ (6.5cm) diameter rollers is a most welcome one. As well as reducing noise levels they also help to increase the lifespan of the treadmill. The incline system is also different to most, though certainly not all, treadmills currently on the market. It not only boasts a true 15% incline (most common treadmills incline up to about 10%) but it also features a decline of up to -3% so that you can simulate downhill running as well. This is particularly useful if you’re training for real-world events.  The fact that there’s a decline, as well as an incline, makes this model a very good choice for both general fitness or serious competition training.

With more than 32 preset workouts available there’s plenty here to keep you from getting bored but unlike a traditional treadmill, it has no workouts stored within the memory of the console. Instead, all of the workouts are accessed via the iFit service. This means that it’s absolutely necessary to have a wireless internet connection to use this treadmill in anything but the manual control mode. You don’t need a connection to go for a manually controlled run, but you do need one for any other kind of workout on this treadmill. When you press the workout library button you are taken to the workout videos that are hosted on iFit and your selected workout is then streamed to your console. Even though at the time of writing an iFit subscription is included in the purchase, you do not need a subscription to access the “preset” workout videos so if you decide to let your free subscription lapse, then you’ll still be able to run your favourite workout. Access to all of the workouts is via the 7″ Android-powered, full-colour touch-screen which makes selecting your chosen routine a doddle. It’s really just like using a tablet (though it’s a bit less responsive than an ipad for example) and while the basic keys of start/stop and speed and incline are still, sensibly in our opinion, physical buttons on the treadmill console, everything else is done via an interface that anyone with just about any smart device such as a phone will already be familiar with. The console is also iFit enabled giving you access to other training modes such as racing against other iFit live members, mapping out and running your own running routes using Google Maps, and running to high-definition videos featuring a personal trainer that will guide you and motivate you through the whole workout. There are other aspects too such as uploading your training data into iFit so that you can track and monitor your performance and improvement, and also get dietary and sleep advice. iFit does even more than this but there’s not enough room in this review to tell you all about it, so for more information check out the website.

Last but not least the Commercial 1750 benefits from a Bluetooth™ Smart wireless receiver (chest strap included) for monitoring your heart rate, adjustable tablet holder, an integrated accessory tray, a pair of 3″ stereo speakers and an input 3.5mm input jack so you can plug in pretty much any music player, and two workout fans to help keep you cool during your run. It’s also covered by NordicTrack’s lifetime frame, 10-year motor and 2 year on-site parts and labour warranty.

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