Weslo M6 Treadmill Review

The Weslo M6 treadmill is the slightly bigger brother of the M5 – no surprises here then. Sadly it has a lot in common with its younger sibling which I’m afraid we didn’t really like.

For an extra £40 the M6 comes with powered incline up to 6% but thats about it. The powered incline is useful as you don’t have to get off to change the slope but other models costing around the same offer bigger powered inclines and far more features.

If you can stretch to another £100 you’ll get much more with the Proform 3.6 which has more programmes and a larger, more comfortable running deck.

We know the Weslo M6 is only £369.99 and not so long ago it would have been a minor miracle to get a machine for this price with the features the M6 can boast, but times have moved on and expectations have risen.

For a similar price the TrackSpeed treadmills look far better equipped than the M6 – see our Treadmill Comparison Table. We have yet to test them but the specification is impressive.

If you can’t go higher than £300 then take a look at the Carl Lewis MOTC99 Treadmill, it doesn’t have powered incline and its top speed is a little slower, but if you’re a casual user we think you’d better off with the MOTC99.

Our reviewers felt the M6 was unstable and the deck was too small for comfort. The display is as unimpressive as the M5 – see below and is difficult to read.

One important factor when training on a treadmill is variation. This helps to keep you motivated and develops fitness and shifts excess weight faster. The 4 programmes on the M6 do not offer enough to keep most users interested, again spending a little extra will buy variation.   One positive is the warranty. For a machine costing this much the two year on site parts and labour warranty is impressive, but it’s hardly the reason to buy a machine is it!

Best Price

The is not currently available from any retailers we're aware of in the UK.
It may be worth looking for a used machine on ebay

Review Summary - In Brief

The Weslo M6 is a slightly better machine than the M5 but hardly worth the extra money. It looks cheap and feels cheap and we really can't recommend it. It doesn't have enough to keep even the most casual user interested and therefore defeats the object of buying a budget model if it's not going to encourage you to use it on a regular basis. There are far better machines for only a little extra that are worth looking at.


  • 1.5 horsepower (HP) continuous
  • 0 – 16 km/H speed range (0 – 9.9 mph)
  • Powered incline up to 6%
  • LCD display
  • Quick speed key operation – one touch to change speed
  • 4 pre-set programmes plus one manual
  • Hand grip heart rate monitor
  • 40 x 120 cm walking/running surface
  • Cushioned deck to reduce impact
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Maximum user weight 115kg (253 lbs)

- Console / Display Unit

- User Reviews

The Pros

  • The cushioned deck was quite comfortable for a budget model.
  • A good warranty.

The Cons

  • The display is awful.
  • Feels unstable even at mid-speed.
  • Limited programmes.
  • The deck did seem small.
  • The controls are not very easy to use.
  • The folding mechanism felt clumsy and didn't want to stay folded.
Reviewer Ratings

Power - 6.5
Appearance - 5.5
Running Area - 5.5
Comfort - 6
Reliability - 6.5
Noise - 6
Ease Of Use - 6.5
Controls - 6.5
Warranty - 7.5
Value for Money - 5.5
Best Price

The is not currently available from any retailers we're aware of in the UK.
It may be worth looking for a used machine on ebay

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