DKN AiRun X Treadmill Review

DKN are renowned for innovative product design, and with the AiRun X they have certainly pushed the envelope! This machine offers one of the most revolutionary folding mechanisms we have ever seen. This concept was first unveiled on their ‘Space Run’ model, which has been hugely successful in many European markets. Whilst we didn’t publish a review of the Space Run, we did have a play with it and we could find little to improve upon – but DKN had even greater aspirations – So here is the AiRun X!

There are a few subtle but welcome changes. The Space Run’s successor now has improved build quality, a slightly higher top speed, another 4” on the running deck length, a more intuitive console AND perhaps best of all – it’s DKN Run compatible!

First things first, this is normally where we start the review by talking about the assembly process. This won’t take long! Open the box, pull the pivoting arms upwards, extend them at the middle hinge, tilt the console into view and there you have it!

DKN have clearly picked up on the popularity of other contemporary, black products. Testament to their awareness of market trends and their exacting standards, we noticed another design feature that made us smile…The lower frame is made out of one continuous length of metal box section! This not only gives the machine even greater solidarity it also gives it a sleek, contemporary look, reminding us of the edge of an iPhone! This type of attention to detail and expert engineering speaks volumes about the build quality of the AiRun X.

That said, the machine is aimed at being one of the most compact performance treadmills ever designed and naturally it is slightly limited for larger and heavier users.  The maximum weight capacity is 120kg (or just over 18 and a half stone) and for taller users, the 45cm wide running area may possibly feel a little restrictive too. If you’re over 6’tall and of a broad build then perhaps a full size machine with a few more inches of space would be preferable but that should only be a concern if you’re long-limbed and want to really stride out! If you’re more intent on jogging or if you have a more ‘average’ body type, the AiRun X should offer a fantastic user experience….

Despite its compact nature, this treadmill is a ‘true’ running machine with a top speed of over 12 mph from a two and a quarter continuous horsepower motor. There’s plenty of power, yet thankfully not too much noise. The AiRun X has a luxuriously thick belt running over large 60 mm rollers which puts less strain on the motor and keeps noise to a minimum.

As well as being highly durable, the chief purpose of the orthopaedic belt is to enhance comfort; and with a thickness of 3mm, it certainly offers that extra bit of cushioning underfoot when compared to thinner belts. Sure one or two millimeters of extra belt thickness certainly makes more of difference in use than it would seem on paper, but really it is DKN’s consistent and widespread use of quality parts and components throughout the machine that all combine to give a cumulative effect.

They have included a ‘Progressive Shock Absorbing’ system deck which combines with an integrated hydraulic shock-absorbing system. All that is certainly going to be forgiving on the joints but what does it feel like in use overall? We were rather impressed! –The AiRun X is a machine that feels solid yet forgiving underfoot, and that is what makes for a great surface to workout on, whether you wish to walk, jog or run.

To keep control of the pace you have some convenient options. One the right handlebars are thumb controls for speed and on the left are the same up and down arrows to control the 15 levels of incline. These are a really handy way to adjust intensity without having to let go of the pulse grip sensors on the handles.

If you want to let your arms swing free you can strap on a compatible chest belt transmitter (optional) to get more accurate pulse readings from the inbuilt receiver and then quickly and safely change the intensity with a single touch of the one-step quick keys. On the left of the display is a strip of 5 buttons to set the level of incline (3,5,7,9 or 12) or mirrored on the right you have speed buttons going up in manageable 2km/h increments from 6 up to 14 km/h.

The console has been kept at a manageable size as part of the unique folding design, where it neatly swings out of harms way when the machine is to be stored upright. It may be compact but the layout has been carefully considered to present all the functions clearly and conveniently. A good example of this is the course profile menu. Printed across the console are 2 clear rows of pictures showing each of the 12 pre-set programmes you have to choose from. In the unlikely even that you don’t see anything you fancy amongst that lot, you have the option to create your own program too! Plus the computer allows two users to store their personal details (age, weight, gender and height) and this input is taken into consideration to improve the accuracy of the ‘calories burned’ feedback during the session (a great motivational tool for fat-burning goals!)

As we mentioned earlier, the AiRun X has an all-important receiver built into the console so that pulse readings can be transmitted wirelessly. This makes a chest strap transmitter a very worthwhile investment; not only does it ensure far greater accuracy of readings and improved posture by allowing you to exercise without holding on, you will also have the option to utilise the heart rate controlled program which automatically adjusts the speed and/or incline to keep you within your pre-determined heart rate zone.

To keep track of all of your training feedback there is a large, vibrant back-lit LCD display which is divided into segments. The largest of which is positioned at the top right hand corner displaying a quarter mile (400m) track and when needed is used to show scrolling instructions. The display is divided up along the left side and across the bottom to provide clearly organised training data such as speed, incline, time elapsed, distance covered, calories burned and heart rate.

It may initially seem a little disappointing that there aren’t speakers, an mp3 dock or even a holder for a water bottle to help swallow the bitter pill of missing out on such typical features. However, the AiRun X has far more exciting capabilities than playing music or holding your drink! – This machine is compatible with DKN Run and we’d happily trade all of the above little ‘extras’ for this revolutionary application.

If you have an iPad, Android device or other compatible tablet, you can rest it in the holder on the console, connect via Bluetooth, enter the DKN Run application and enjoy a huge array of exciting new training options.

For starters, once in the holder, the tablet screen sits in front of the usual display, acting as the ‘new’ fitness console. Not only can you now adjust the controls and see your feedback on the touch screen but you can also navigate around the app and all the while, the other functions of your device can be running in the background. This means you could theoretically flick between marching along on the ‘bootcamp’ session and bragging about your hard-work on Facebook  status update!

The options with the application are as varied as they are entertaining; widening your choice of existing programmes with a unique selection of 12 pre-set course profiles and a user program that you should never grow tired of! Plus you can adjust the duration and difficulty level of each of the pre-set programmes too.

Whether you want your workouts to be controlled by pre-setting the watts, the heart rate zone or manual adjustment the effortless way that speed, incline and other settings can be adjusted ‘on the fly’ with just a touch of your finger on the screen, makes DKN Run exceptionally user-friendly and intuitive.

One of our favourite features is called ‘iRoutes’, which gives you a selection of countries, each with their own famous points of interest. Once you decide on where you fancy, at the touch of the screen you can start racing around a preset course, whether it’s a marathon, national park or between famous tourist hotspots.

So when you’ve finished jogging round Central Park or you’ve crossed the finish line of the Madrid 10K, you can see all of your training feedback in a graph of your workout and save and store the data in log of up to 10 workouts (for up to 12 users!)

Whether you have the use of a tablet device or you simply enjoy the treadmill’s inbuilt features, there is plenty about this machine to keep motivation high and training sessions consistent. But perhaps best of all, is the AiRun’s space saving design for in-between those workouts. The same 3-step process used to set up the machine out of the box is reversed to flatten it. Then you simply unplug the cable, pull out and twist a pair of metal ‘feet’ from their holders to form a stable base and the treadmill is ready to be lifted to stand vertically.

With this unique design there is no hydraulically assisted mechanism so it does take some effort to lift the weight of the deck. Once the weight transfers onto the end, the last lift to upright is slightly easier but still requires some chest and shoulder strength. Once in the upright position, you can see exactly why this design is so revolutionary.  Here you have a performance running machine that can be easily manoeuvered using its transport wheels and then folded vertically to stand at just under 6 feet tall and take up approximately 11” x 30” of living space!


Best Price

The DKN AiRun X is not currently available from any retailers we're aware of in the UK.
It may be worth looking for a used machine on ebay

Review Summary - In Brief

Space is almost always a consideration for anyone considering investing in a treadmill for the home. The AiRun X is the solution to that issue…and best of all, EVEN if it only had the usual ‘industry standard’ folding mechanism, we’d still recommend this treadmill due to its many other merits.

DKN AiRun X Specifications

  • 2.25hp continuous duty motor
  • 1- 20km/h (0.6-12.4mph) speed range
  • 15 levels of incline
  • 140cm (55”) x 45cm (17.7”) running deck with ‘Progressive Shock Absorbing’ system
  • Dimensions in use (L x W x H): 180cm (70″) x 77cm (30″) x 142cm (56″)
  • Dimensions folded (L x W x H): 180cm (71″) x 77cm (30″) x (10.6″)
  • LCD console providing feedback on speed, time elapsed, distance covered, calories burned, incline, 400m laps run and heart rate
  • 15 programme profiles (12 pre-set workout programmes, 1 HRC program, iRoute feature)
  • Heart rate measurement via hand pulse sensors or a wireless receiver (chest belt has to be bought separately)
  • 120kg (264lbs) maximum user weight
  • 94kg (207lbs) product weight
  • Conveniences: transportation wheels, emergency stop button, iPad or Android tablet compatibility
  • 2 years warranty

DKN AiRun X Treadmill - Console / Display Unit

DKN AiRun X Treadmill - User Reviews

The Pros

  • No assembly needed!
  • Incredible space saving design when folded
  • DKN Run compatible
  • 3mm Orthopaedic running belt
  • Capable of over 12 mph and up to 15 levels of incline

The Cons

  • Not suitable for users over 18 and a half stone
  • No water bottle holder, MP3 plug jack, speakers or fan
  • Deck is heavy to lift to the upright position
DKN AiRun X Treadmill Reviewer Ratings

Power - 8
Appearance - 8
Running Area - 8
Comfort - 8
Reliability - 8
Noise - 7.5
Ease Of Use - 8
Controls - 8
Warranty - 8.5
Value for Money - 8
Best Price

The DKN AiRun X is not currently available from any retailers we're aware of in the UK.
It may be worth looking for a used machine on ebay

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