DKN EnduRun Folding Treadmill Review

A modern, forward-thinking organisation with a strong track record in producing high quality running machines, DKN have been making treadmills for decades, and that wealth of experience tends to make itself felt in their products. When we found out about the EnduRun model being launched and that it is their top of the range machine for home use, we got quite excited. It’s been years since DKN have brought out a new model that sits above their classic and popular RoadRunner I model and having been told that this model has been in development for more than 2 years, we had to get our hands on one to see how it stacks up!

Like most home-use treadmills, the EnduRun requires assembly. Thankfully, like other DKN treadmills, the setup is simple.The hardest part comes before starting the assembly: Getting the boxed machine with a weight of 135kg to the right place! This weight of the box is the first clue that this is a serious treadmill! After that, the assembly is simple and is complete in just four steps. The diagrams in the manual are nice and clear and while it’s certainly a two person job, there’s nothing in the slightest bit complicated about the build so we had everything ready to go in just under 30 minutes.

Once built, the EnduRun has a rugged look about it. With a footprint of 206.5cm x 89.5cm (81.3” x 35.2”), this isn’t a small treadmill! However, it seems a lot of thought has gone into the design of it and it looks slick, ultra-modern and with a premium feel about it. As we often do, the first thing we did on the assembled machine was the classic ‘shake test’ (seeing how much the uprights / console move) and found it’s absolutely rock solid.

Continuing to visually inspect the assembled machine, the design of the console also stands out: There is a large main panel (which is standard) and then there is a smaller panel mounted on the front it featuring all of the controls. Apart from looking great, this is a very clever innovation as it makes all the buttons needed to be accessed whilst running much easier to reach!

A good treadmill is one that gets used frequently and we eagerly got started. The very first thing we noticed is that this treadmill is much quieter than we expected. We had already noticed that the EnduRun has decent sized 1.9″ rollers at the back of the deck, but this is a similar size to quite a number of its competitor machines in the £1k+ category and were a bit baffled by how quiet it seemed to run. So, we decided to investigate further and took off the motor hood at the front to have a look inside. What we saw seriously impressed us! From the key features advertised on this machine, we were already expecting a lumpy AC motor (more on that in a bit), but what we weren’t expecting was that the front roller is a whopping 3″ (76mm) in diameter! The reason this matters a lot is that it’s actually the front roller on a treadmill that’s connected to the motor and driving the belt. To achieve any given speed on the belt, the larger the diameter of the roller driving it, the lower the rotational speed of the roller. In addition, the larger the roller, the higher the contact surface area between the roller and the belt which results in the belt not need to be as tight to avoid slippage. The front roller on the EnduRun is the largest we’ve seen on any home treadmill to date!

What’s the downside of having a huge roller at the front driving the belt? The bigger the roller, the more torque is needed from the motor to drive it. DKN have taken the unusual step of opting for an AC motor to power the EnduRun. We can confirm that the motor provides oodles of power and happily drives the belt up to its very high max speed of 22 kph (over 13.5 mph!). AC motors are more reliable than traditional DC motors found in almost all home treadmills and can handle a much greater amount of use without needing servicing or maintenance. This is the reason that almost all commercial grade treadmills found in gyms are powered by AC motors. The reason that AC motors aren’t standard issue on home treadmills and DKN’s choice of motor is unusual? Price! AC motors tend to cost a fair bit more than their DC equivalents.

It’s clear from what we can see under the motor hood that DKN are really trying to create the ultimate home treadmill for as their top of the range flagship model! So, what’s it like to actually run on?

Well, there is only really one word for it: Stunning! The combination of the spacious deck, orthopaedic running belt and finely balanced cushioning result in a running experience that feels just right. There’s plenty of impact absorption on heel strike towards the front of the deck to protect knees and other joints as well as a firm surface to push off a new stride towards the back of the deck. The running deck is wider than most similarly priced machines and as long as any premium home treadmill available on the market. This makes it suitable for even the tallest of runners to sprint at top speed without having to keep being conscious of their position on the running deck.

Having had a good run on flat, we started playing with the powered incline function. Once again, it’s truly impressive: the EnduRun has a true 15% incline – not levels as advertised on so many machines out there, but a maximum incline to ensure that you’d go up 15 meters for every 100m traveled. With such a high maximum incline, DKN have ensured that the EnduRun is very well suited to those targeting weight loss as their goal as well as those training for a running event. It’s a known fact that jogging at incline burns more calories than running on a flat surface whilst being more kind on the body.

It’s clear so far that the main running gear of the EnduRun is engineered to be of superior pedigree, but what about the console? After all, the console is the part a treadmill that users interact with the most. Just like the use of an AC motor, DKN have broken with tradition in the design of the EnduRun’s console! There are actually two distinct elements: one large unit which is focused on providing information and feedback and a smaller panel which houses all the controls mounted in a forward position. This design is actually really clever as it enables all of the controls to be within easy reach and in use, it’s so much easier to use than many other machines we’ve come across that have the commonly used speed and incline one-touch buttons in difficult to reach places on the console (when you’re running fast in the middle of the deck!). In terms of controls, it’s worth noting that the EnduRun does also have speed and incline controls on the handlebars.

The larger console panel located behind the front control panel is also very well thought through in its design. Instead of having one LCD window in the middle and cramming all the feedback into one panel, DKN has gone with an approach of having multiple panels, all of which are LED based. In the middle, there is quite a large panel that is used to display programme information, quarter mile track etc. and then there are a number of dedicated windows to display specific workout feedback. There is a tablet holder and once again, it’s clear that DKN have given proper consideration to design. It’s located at the bottom of the large panel and this means that when an average sized tablet is placed on it, it doesn’t cover up the feedback displays above it. Not only this, but this location means that the tablet will suffer the minimum possible amount of shaking. We’ve noticed a trend towards having ‘eye level’ tablet holders being built in the to consoles of machines, but whilst these are a great idea on the surface, simply physics do mean that they end up shaking a fair bit when a treadmill is being pounded!

In terms of programmes, there’s plenty to avoid boredom setting in. There are 18 pre-set programmes designed by a personal trainer and these have their speed and incline profiles printed on the console to avoid having to look in an instructions manual to figure out which one to go for. We’re pleased to see a selection of heart rate control programmes that work with an optional chest strap to take advantage of the of the built-in Bluetooth receiver and there are also 3 user-defined programmes for complete flexibility.

For those that can’t live without a degree of interactivity and using apps, the EnduRun is compatible with the Kinomap app. Whilst this is a paid for app, it does offer a number of video based training programmes in conjunction with the NHS (couch to 5k programme) free of charge. We tried it on an Android based tablet and it all worked flawlessly.

Given how well engineered the EnduRun is, it’s unlikely that you’ll experience any problems with it. In the unlikely event that you do, there is the peace of mind of knowing that the machine is covered by DKN’s 2-year on-site parts and labour warranty.

The quiet, responsive AC motor, the 2.5mm thick running belt, the advanced cushioning system and the easy-to-use console all combine to deliver what is a bona fide high-quality running experience. The EnduRun is simply enjoyable to use and performs better than most treadmills at much higher price points. We think that in terms of a premium home running machine, DKN have created an absolute gem of a treadmill here that is very easy for us to recommend!


Best Price

Currently available for £1099.00 from DKN

To get the DKN EnduRun Folding Treadmill for only £1099.00, enter voucher code ENDURUN-900 on the DKN checkout page!

Review Summary - In Brief

DKN have done a superb job here and have created a treadmill that above all else is great to run on. Their use of an AC motor in a treadmill at this price is surprising, and most welcome and means that it's likely to outlive and out-perform, by quite some margin, it's DC motor equivalent competitors. This, along with the thick gauge steel construction means that the EnduRun is a heavy-duty machine that oozes quality. With a clear focus on performance and reliability at its core DKN have produced a running machine that offers outstanding value for money and one of the best running experiences you can get on a domestic treadmill, as such it's easy to recommend.

DKN EnduRun Specifications

  • 2.5 HP Continuous Duty AC Motor (4.5 HP peak)
  • Speed range: 0.5 – 22kph (0.3 – 13.7mph) with 5 Quick-Speed buttons on the console
  • Incline range: 15 levels with 5 Quick Incline buttons
  • Console with 7” LED display (main screen + 6 smaller feedback displays)
  • Console feedback: programme, speed, distance, time, calories, pulse and incline
  • Running deck size (W x L): 53cm (20.8’’) x 151cm (59.4’’)
  • Deck thickness: 18mm (0.7”)
  • Running belt: 2.5mm (0.09”)
  • Programmes: 27 (18 pre-set unique workout designed by a certificated personal trainer, 3 user-defined, 3 heart rate controlled, 3 manual target modes – time, distance, calories)
  • User profiles: 5 (age, weight, gender, height)
  • Heart rate measurement via hand grip sensors and Bluetooth® Smart wireless receiver (chest strap optional)
  • Audio:  iPod®/mp3 compatibility, built-in speakers
  • Cushioning: Dual Cushion system
  • Quickly folding structure with Safety Lock System
  • Extras: Compatible with Kinomap application, measurement units available in Imperial or metric (switchable), dual water bottle holder, tablet holder, Air Cylinder for a soft landing, USB port, music port for iPod or MP3 player, stereo speakers
  • Transportation wheels
  • Max user weight: 150 kg (330.7lbs)
  • Product weight: 120 kg (264.5lbs)
  • Dimensions in Use (L x W x H): 206.5cm (81.3″) x 89.5cm (35.2″) x 157cm (61.8″)
  • Dimensions folded (L x W x H): 139cm (54.7″) x 89.5cm (35.2″) x 162cm (63.7″)
  • Certification: CE/EN 957
  • Warranty: 2 years parts and labour (must register within 28 days to get the 2nd year)

DKN EnduRun Folding Treadmill - Console / Display Unit

DKN EnduRun Folding Treadmill - User Reviews

The Pros

  • Powerful, reliable AC Motor
  • Oversized running deck
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Bright, easy to read console
  • Lots of training options

The Cons

  • We're being picky here - a crossbar would be nice to see
DKN EnduRun Folding Treadmill Reviewer Ratings

Power - 9
Appearance - 9
Running Area - 9
Comfort - 9
Reliability - 9
Noise - 9
Ease Of Use - 9
Controls - 9
Warranty - 8.5
Value for Money - 9
Best Price

Currently available for £1099.00 from DKN

To get the DKN EnduRun Folding Treadmill for only £1099.00, enter voucher code ENDURUN-900 on the DKN checkout page!

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