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MOTIVEFitness treadmills are aimed squarely the midsection of the treadmill market. A division of UNO, which focuses more on the higher-end of the market, MOTIVEFitness has the kind know-how behind it necessary to successfully deliver reliable products at sensible prices.

Their products are well designed and thought through and the manufacturing processes they employ mean that they’re able to produce machines with lots of features, without the cost spiralling.

MOTIVEFitness treadmills tend to be fairly-feature rich, reliable machines. There’s plenty of choice in their ranges for anyone looking for affordable home fitness equipment and they position their products to go head to head against the more well-known manufacturers.

Beny, the UK importer, has a good reputation for customer service and cover most of their machines with two-year parts and labour warranties.

Motive Fitness Treadmills No Longer Available In The UK

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