NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Folding Treadmill Review

In recent years, NordicTrack has dedicated extensive efforts to develop its iFit interactive training service, seamlessly integrated across its existing product line. The company has achieved notable success by positioning itself as a leading provider in the high-end home fitness market. With lots of models coming and going we wanted to take a look at the new flagship treadmill model in their current selection: the Commercial 2450. Although the term “commercial” is part of its name, it’s important to note that this particular model is explicitly targeted the home fitness market. Despite this, the machine boasts an great spec, bearing a resemblance to commercial-grade equipment—hence the name. With that out of the way here’s what we found when we took a closer look…

The C2450 is a substantial machine, weighing in at 135kg (298lbs), which, as you might expect, means that assembly here requires assistance from another person. However, assembling the C2450 isn’t significantly different from many smaller models and takes less than an hour to complete (once you’ve taken all the parts out of the packaging and laid them out). Once assembled, moving this hefty tread around becomes quite effortless, thanks to the inclusion of transport wheels. If you want to make life even easier, then it’s a good idea to assemble the machine in the room where it will be used as once assembled it won’t fit through a standard doorway without some level of disassembly.

Once assembled, from the moment you step back and take a look at your handywork, it’s evident that this is a high-quality piece of equipment. This running machine is undoubtedly substantial, yet it strikes a balance by not being excessively oversized. With dimensions of 199cm x 90cm (78” x 35”), it qualifies as a large treadmill, though it’s smaller than its predecessor and can comfortably fit in a space only slightly larger than many mid-sized models. Despite the slightly smaller overall dimensions, the C2450 still boasts an impressively spacious 56cm x 152cm (20” x 60”) running deck, which provides ample room to move around on. This amount of space allows unrestricted movement during your runs and provides a sense of security even during full-speed sprints. And while we’ve come across slighter larger running areas on residential treadmills, this is enough space to make even the most inexperienced runners feel safe and it delivers a top notch run.

Speaking of which, the running experience on the C2450 is truly exceptional, just like its predecessor, the old 2950 model (yes, we’re confused too). Thanks to NordicTrack’s fully adjustable cushioning system, Runners Flex™, it’s possible to customise the level of impact absorption the deck will provide. Whether you prefer a more challenging road-like feel or a softer, gentler option that minimizes stress on your joints, adjusting the cushioning is quick and easy. The distinction between the two settings is noticeable and most definitely adds to the appeal of this treadmill, especially for households with multiple regular users and individuals who require extra joint care. When paired with the generously sized deck, this setup creates a genuinely premium running platform that will suit just about every type and level of runner out there.

Another factor that contributes to the C2450’s premium feel is the size of its front and rear rollers. Unlike many domestic models, both the front and rear rollers boast a diameter of 1.9”. Again, while not necessarily the largest rollers we’ve come across, they’re still substantial, with the advantage being the motor can operate at a lower RPMs compare with machines with smaller rollers to maintain a given speed. Consequently, the C2450 operates more quietly than numerous other models, despite its larger size. Additionally, this design choice reduces stress on internal components, which is good news for the overall lifespan of the machine.

The the drive motor in the C2450 is very respectable 3.6 horsepower power plant, which delivers the kind of impressive performance you’d expect from NordicTrack’s flagship model. The motor employed here effortlessly propels the belt to reach a maximum speed of 19kph (12mph), even when the incline is set to a challenging 12%. Even at these high-end settings, the motor operates smoothly and seems to just plod along without much effort, never seeming to exert itself—unlike any brave individual attempting an all-out sprint at that incline level! With regular and proper maintenance, mainly focusing on lubricating the running belt, there’s this power plant should last an extensive period.

The inclusion of a 3% decline function might not sound like much, but believe us when we say it makes a significant difference! This feature enables the C2450 to better mimic real-world running scenarios, providing an engaging and immersive running experience, especially when allied with iFit, but more on that later.

Regarding the console, much like its predecessor, the C2450 boasts a luxurious 22″ touch screen that both tilts and pivots to enable you to carry out off-treadmill iFit workouts without losing sight of the screen. This really makes a huge difference and helps iFit to be much more than just something you use to go for a run. We found the console on the C2450 faster and slicker than the previous flagship models we’ve tested and the overall experience is all the better for it. Any occasional lag that may have been present in the input during workouts on earlier flagship models is now eliminated, resulting in interactions that feel exceptionally seamless and slick. The combination of these enhancements truly elevates the overall console performance, making it a notable and very much worthwhile upgrade.

To maximise the benefits of using the C2450 (indeed this the whole focus of this machine) it’s well worth subscribing to iFit. Setting up an account is easy (and conveniently includes a 30-day trial). Similar to its predecessor, the C2450 does not offer traditional built-in workouts. Instead, it provides a collection of video workouts that are streamed directly to the console. However, if you prefer a more straightforward approach, you can always utilise the manual mode. Nonetheless, it must be emphasised that the video workouts are exceptionally well-crafted and thoughtfully designed. They are not only enjoyable and engaging but also highly effective in providing motivation for consistent exercise. If staying motivated to go for a run is sometimes a challenge, these video workouts can genuinely make a difference, making your regular exercise routine much more enjoyable and rewarding. It goes much further than that too. With an AI that gauges your performance and then starts to automatically build up your fitness over time, tens of thousands of personal trainer led videos that include running through exotic locations, participating in on-demand fitness classes, and Yoga and wellness classes as well as a myriad of helpful hints and tips iFit has become more than just a running app and we’d certainly recommend trying it.

The warranty on the C2450 is NordicTrack’s standard lifetime frame, 10 years motor and 2 years for all other parts and labour.

In conclusion, we have nothing but positive impressions of this machine. The test unit performed flawlessly for the entire duration of our test and it successfully retains all the outstanding qualities of its predecessors while delivery superb performance. The C2450 is worthy of the flagship name (no mean feat) and excels in all aspects, boasting rock-solid build quality, advanced interactive training features, customisable cushioning, wide-ranging incline and decline settings, and an exceptionally spacious running area. From both a mechanical and electronic standpoint, the C2450 stands out. It provides a running experience that will not only meets, but likely surpass the expectations of even seasoned runners. All in all, this treadmill is a great choice for fitness enthusiasts.

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Review Summary - In Brief

The NordicTrack C2450 fulfils all the criteria of a premium treadmill and we feel is worthy of flagship status given it by NordicTrack. Its high-quality components, and attention to detail make it a machine that will meet the needs of just about every runner out there. Whether you're a marathon trainee, aiming to shed some weight, or simply looking to enhance your fitness and mobility, the C2450 offers a safe and very enjoyable workout experience, challenging you to push your limits. We are genuinely impressed by the C2450, as NordicTrack has once again delivered a top-of-the-line, premium running machine. It's sleeker and more refined than previous flagship models, and in our view, represents a subtle, yet notable improvement over them. We gotta say that we really enjoyed putting the this machine through its paces and believe it stands out as an exceptional choice for any runner.

NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Folding Specifications

  • 3.6 CHP motor
  • 0-19kph (0-12mph) speed range with Quick Speed™ controls
  • 0-12% incline with Quick Incline™ controls
  • 0-3% decline with Quick Decline™ controls
  • 51cm (20”) x 152cm (60”) running area
  • 22″ full colour touchscreen display (tilting and pivoting)
  • Runners Flex™ cushioning
  • Programmes: Manual mode, daily updated map workout, and a selection of streamed video-based iFit workouts (all map and video workouts, as well as iFit® require a Wi-Fi based Internet connection)
  • Heart Rate Measurement: Bluetooth Smart wireless receiver (chest strap optional), ActivePulse™ technology (armband sold separately)
  • Entertainment: iPod®/mp3 compatible Bluetooth® audio and two 2” speakers; Bluetooth® headphones connectivity
  • SpaceSaver® folding design with EasyLift™ Assist
  • Conveniences: Dual water bottle holder, dual AutoBreeze™ workout fan,  1.9″ precision machined and balanced non-flex rollers, transportation wheels
  • Maximum user weight: 135kg (298lbs)
  • Dimensions in Use (L x W x H): 199cm (78”) x 90cm (35”) x 163cm (64”)
  • Dimensions Folded (L x W x H): 86cm (34”) x 90cm (35”) x 172cm (68”)
  • Warranty: Lifetime frame, 10 years motor, 2 years parts and labour (if registered within 28 days of purchase)

NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Folding Treadmill - Console / Display Unit

NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Folding Treadmill - User Reviews

The Pros

  • 22" Full colour touch screen
  • Spacious running deck
  • Adjustable cushioning
  • -3% Decline function as well as +12% incline
  • High quality Interactive training with iFit
  • Great value

The Cons

  • You really do need to subscribe to iFit to see the very best of this machine
NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Folding Treadmill Reviewer Ratings

Power - 9.5
Appearance - 9
Running Area - 9.5
Comfort - 10
Reliability - 9
Noise - 9
Ease Of Use - 9
Controls - 9
Warranty - 8.5
Value for Money - 9.5
Best Price

Currently available for £2849.05 from

To get the NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Folding for only £2849.05, enter voucher code NT5 on the basket page!

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