NordicTrack Elite 2500 Treadmill Review

We have not yet had the opportunity to properly review the NordicTrack Elite 2500 Treadmill , but hope to be able to very soon.

NordicTrack is built by the world’s largest fitness equipment manufacturer ‘Icon Health and Fitness’ and is one of the oldest and most trusted names in home fitness. Their range of treadmills has always catered for just about every type of person you can think of from the casual user right the way through to the serious fitness enthusiast. If you want to run, there’s always a treadmill in their range just for you. The Elite 2500 is certainly at the high end of the market so what did we think of it once we’d had a chance to get our hands on it?

Let’s start with the assembly – this is a big machine (delivered in quite a tall vertical box) and the assembly should be done with two people as some of the parts (such as the main running deck) are very heavy (which is a good thing!) and it takes around 90 minutes. The process is quite similar to most other NordicTrack treadmills and the assembly instructions are quite detailed and also contains tips on common errors (like getting various bolts mixed up). Having said that, if there’s an installation service available, it’s worth taking it!

Once built the Elite 2500 is an imposing piece of kit that really looks like it belongs in a pro studio or gym but before you can use it there’s a bit of setting up to do including setting up a wireless network, checking for the latest firmware updates and calibrating the incline system. Once that’s done you can either start to use it or you can take the additional step of setting up an iFit account (sold separately) but be warned that iFit is most definitely NOT a plug n play affair and only those who are willing to spend a bit of time getting to know the system will really get something worthwhile out of it. It’s not really practical to go into minute detail about all the options available in iFit live in this review but suffice to say that we really like the system and that it offers a really wide range of training choices. It’s unique out there at the moment and works brilliantly well on this particular model because of the touch-screen console.

It’s instantly obvious that the running deck is a real gem. At 55cm x 152cm (22″ x 60”) the running area is pretty much as big as anything you’ll find on the market. At 55cm it’s particularly wide and provides a really great platform to run on. Big, wide and comfortable it really does feel good, though some seasoned pavement pounders might find the deck a little soft at its default stiffness setting. Thankfully, however, the Elite 2500 has an adjustable cushioning system so you can easily make the running deck firmer, a very nice feature and one that will certainly appeal to the more serious runner. Once you’ve got the cushioning set up how you like it (nice and quick to do that) you can start running. And it has to be said that running on the Elite 2500 really is enjoyable. The fact that you can alter the stiffness of the deck makes all the difference from a comfort point of view, but it’s not only that. The height, width and length of the platform all add to a feeling of security and safety. And it’s quiet. Really quiet, for a treadmill of this size which is, no doubt, down to the large 2.5″ rollers and commercial grade motor. All of these things combine brilliantly and make the Elite 2500 feel to run on just like it looks – superior.

In manual mode, choose from any of the on-board workouts or dive into iFit live. However you decide to train, you’re not likely to get bored. With a Decline/Incline Range of -3% to +15%, and a wide selection of programmes, the elite 2500 gets closer to real-world running than most other treadmills. This really comes into its own when mapping out your running routes on Google Maps and that decline function really does make a difference when you’re running downhill. All in all, we found running on the Elite 2500 to be very satisfying and a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

In terms of programmes, there are, quite frankly, a ridiculous number built in, plus you can add more via iFit Live. There are 38 workouts that are divided into broad categories denoting the type of training you’ll be doing (calorie/weight loss, heart rate control, incline and speed/interval) plus you can set goals for calorie, time, or distance and create your own workouts for this. You can compete against other runners over the same course (iFit feature) and upload your training session results to the cloud. It doesn’t stop there either, in addition to the Google maps running routes you can create, there is also a selection of high-def videos of running courses which play back as you run, though it has to be said that the speed at which some of them make you appear to be running makes you feel kind of like a superhero with special powers! Still, it’s good fun and does keep you entertained. There’s also the option of downloaded workouts designed by personal trainers in order to achieve a particular result and there’s also a web browser built into the console. All of this is delivered via a slick 7-inch built-in iFit tablet powered by Android which makes using this treadmill just about as easy as it possibly could be.

With a touch screen console, speakers, dual fans, incline, decline, personal trainer workouts, google maps, running videos and more, it’s easy to get caught up in the bells and whistles and almost, almost lose sight of the fact that this is a running machine. But a running machine it is and NordicTrack hasn’t forgotten it. That huge deck, seriously powerful 3.8hp motor and the adjustable cushioning all combine beautifully and really do make this machine a joy to run on, and that’s important. The bells and whistles are great of course, but at its heart it’s a treadmill, and a darn good one at that!

Best Price

The NordicTrack Elite 2500 is not currently available from any retailers we're aware of in the UK.
It may be worth looking for a used machine on ebay

Review Summary - In Brief

You need space for this beast. You need a bit of patience to get your head around all the things it can do. But it's worth it, oh so very, very worth it. A lovely running experience and a really great treadmill. It's immediately obvious where the money went from the moment you take your first run on it! Plus it's currently on offer, which makes this a real bargain right now!

NordicTrack Elite 2500 Specifications

  • 3.8 CHP DurX Commercial Pro Motor
  • Speed range: 0-22 kph (0-13.6 mph) with 1-Touch speed controls
  • Incline: -3-15% with 1-Touch incline controls and decline keys
  • Console: 7’’ LCD iFit Tablet powered by Android
  • Feedback: Distance, calories, pulse, time, speed, incline
  • Product Weight: 125kg (275.6lbs)
  • Max user weight: 145kg (320lbs)
  • Running Area: 55cm (22”) x 152cm (60”)
  • Cushioning: Runners Flex™
  • Folding System: SpaceSaver® Design
  • Assembled treadmill size: Length=190cm (74.8”), Width=93cm (36.6”), Height=160cm (63”)
  • Folded treadmill size: Length=120cm (47.2”), Width=93cm (36.6”), Height=184cm (72.4”)
  • Pulse measurement via grip sensors and wireless pulse receiver (chest strap included)
  • Features: Colour Touchscreen with Android™ Browser, Compatible Music Port for iPod®, Intermix Acoustics™ 3.0 Sound System, 38 Workouts Apps, iFit Live compatible
  • Warranty: lifetime frame, 10 yrs motor, 2 parts and labour, 2 cooling fans

NordicTrack Elite 2500 Treadmill  - Console / Display Unit

NordicTrack Elite 2500 Treadmill  - User Reviews

The Pros

  • Huge running deck
  • Insane amount of programmes
  • Touch screen controls
  • Adjustable cushioning
  • Quiet
  • integrated iFit Live

The Cons

  • If we HAD to pick something - Sheer size - this is not a small machine
NordicTrack Elite 2500 Treadmill  Reviewer Ratings

Best Price

The NordicTrack Elite 2500 is not currently available from any retailers we're aware of in the UK.
It may be worth looking for a used machine on ebay

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