NordicTrack T12.0 Treadmill Review

NordicTrack is one of the biggest names in home fitness. A brand that’s responsible in no small part for some of the most innovative and reliable treadmills on the market. We got one of their T12.0 treadmills in for a close-up look. Here’s what we found….

Assembly of the T12 is more or less the standard process you find with most large running machines, though there is more work to be done concerning the console than on most models. It’s not a deal-breaker by any means, but it does seem like NordicTrack has done its best to keep costs down meaning that some parts of the assembly are done by the end-user rather than the factory where you’d normally expect to see those steps completed.

Small assembly annoyance aside, the T12.0 is a good looking machine and we’re glad to see the addition of a crossbar between the front posts which adds a good deal of stability.

With a footprint of 193cm x 86cm (75.9’’ x 33.8’’) this is not a small treadmill. Yet a kerb weight of 85kg tells us that it’s not as hefty as one might expect and that’s down to the running deck. At 46cm (18’’) wide and 152cm (60’’) long, it’s narrower than most treadmills at this price point, hence the relative lack of weight. The long length of that running deck makes it a good choice if you happen to have particularly long legs or are very tall, but the downside is that the length makes the already relatively narrow deck feel even narrower. It’s OK once you get used to it but there’s no getting around the fact that, from a feeling secure point of view, a bit of added width would make this treadmill feel nicer to run on than it does. From a comfort point of view, it’s hard to fault the T12.0 as the cushioning system is excellent and a world away from the harshness of running on tarmac and even grass. Though as the cushioning is adjustable on this model, if you are training for a road event then you can set things up to condition yourself to a harder surface, and if you’ve got sensitive joints you can increase the impact absorption, which is a plus.

There’s a 3.0 horsepower motor at the heart of the T12.0 and as you’d expect with that kind of muscle, it makes light work of propelling the running belt. Even on the max 10% incline and 22kph (13.7mph) settings, the motor doesn’t bat an eyelid. Due to the length of the deck, the incline is shallower than many other treadmills and indeed is less steep than many other NordicTrack treadmills, even the less expensive models in the range. If you want or require a steep incline then it’s probably best to skip this model and choose another but otherwise, it’s not bad and should satisfy most casual users. Interestingly the front and rear rollers on the T12.0 have a 1.6″ diameter which is smaller than many other NordicTrack treadmills in the range and indeed smaller than quite a number of its direct competitors too. This compromise on deck width, incline levels and basics like rollers in favour of a more advanced display doesn’t sit well with us as the fact is that as well put together as this treadmill is, the running experience isn’t as nice as it could or should be as a result of that compromise.

The console used on the T12.0 is excellent. The 7″ full-colour touch-screen display makes using this treadmill and navigating the menus easy and intuitive. There are more than 50 workout videos to choose from, all categorised into familiar segments for weight loss, cardio improvement and so on, just like traditional programs. Each video is led by a personal trainer that encourages you to keep going. The videos are engaging and fun and a world away from old fashioned programs with flashing bar graphs. There’s also a daily map-based run that’s downloaded when you switch on the machine which does keep your runs interesting if you fancy a change from a PT telling you what to do! The console also has all the basics in physical buttons like start/stop, incline, speed and so on so will be familiar to anyone that’s used a treadmill before. It’s worth noting here that to access all these functions you’ll need a WiFi connection. Without one, you’re limited to manual runs only.

Other features include a 12-month iFit subscription that’s included (iFit expands the number of available workout videos, lets you compete with other iFit members over preset map-based courses, offers dietary and sleep advice, and a whole lot more too), music port so you can plug in your music player, wireless Bluetooth heart rate receiver, cooling fan, integrated tablet holder and water bottle holder/accessory tray.

Lastly, the NordicTrack T12.0 comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, 10-year motor cover and 2 years onsite parts and labour warranty. You do need to register with NordicTrack to get this cover, but it’s free and quick and easy to do on their website.

Best Price

The NordicTrack T12.0 is not currently available from any retailers we're aware of in the UK.
It may be worth looking for a used machine on ebay

Review Summary - In Brief

The 10% incline, smaller rollers and narrower deck need to be offset against the 7" full-colour touch-screen display when considering the T12.0. The basics of deck width, incline and rollers have made way for bells and whistles in the form of the display, which gets away from its primary function as a running machine. The cushioning is adjustable, which is nice, but why compromise on the fundamentals at this price level? If deck size isn't an issue, there are far less expensive models available that match this one for that. Given the price level, there are other choices that make more sense. The Proform Pro 2000 does cost a bit more but features a larger motor, a much wider 55cm running deck that makes a world of difference and a substantially steeper 15% incline, as well as a -3% decline function for all-terrain training. You also still get iFit and all the benefits that brings making it well worth the extra.

NordicTrack T12.0 Specifications

  • 3.0 HP DURX™ Commercial Motor
  • 0 – 22kph (0 – 13.7mph) speed range with 1-Touch controls
  • 0-10% incline range
  • 46 (18’’) x 152cm (60’’) running deck
  • Console with 7″ full-color capacitive touch display
  • Console feedback: calories, speed, time, distance, pulse, incline level, vertical loss and gain, pace, a track representing 1/4 mile (400m)
  • 36 programs (including manual, 32 pre-set, map workout, draw your own map workout, time/distance workout  – requires iFit account)
  • Heart rate measurement via dual EKG pulse grips and Bluetooth® Smart wireless receiver with chest belt optional
  • Additionally: iFit Live enabled, compatible music port for iPod®/mp3 player, dual 2” speakers, Autobreeze workout fan, integrated tablet holder, water bottle holder
  • Conveniences:  SpaceSaver® folding design with EasyLift™ Assist, transportation wheels
  • 85kg (187Ibs) product weight
  • 125kg (275.5lbs) max. user weight
  • Dimensions in use (L x W x H): 193cm (75.9’’) x 86cm (33.9’’) x 151cm (59.4’’)
  • Dimensions folded (L x W x H): 110cm (43.3’’) x 86cm (33.9’’) x 182cm (71.7’)
  • Mains power supply
  • Lifetime frame warranty; motor – 10 years, parts and labour – 2 years (registration within 28 days of purchase and getting 2nd year of coverage required)

NordicTrack T12.0 - Console / Display Unit

NordicTrack T12.0 - User Reviews

The Pros

  • Nice touch-screen display
  • Long running deck
  • Adjustable cushioning

The Cons

  • Incline not as steep as other models
  • Deck feels a bit narrow
  • We were expecting large rollers for a model at this price
NordicTrack T12.0 Reviewer Ratings

Power - 9
Appearance - 8
Running Area - 6
Comfort - 8.5
Reliability - 8
Noise - 8
Ease Of Use - 8.5
Controls - 9
Warranty - 8.5
Value for Money - 5.5
Best Price

The NordicTrack T12.0 is not currently available from any retailers we're aware of in the UK.
It may be worth looking for a used machine on ebay

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