Refurbished Treadmills

Refurbished treadmills provide a good opportunity to get a higher spec model for your budget than if buying new. However, you need to ensure when buying a refurbished model that it’s been carried out by qualified engineers and is covered by their warranty.

We’re happy to recommend Inspire Fitness as a provider of refurbished treadmills. They have an excellent reputation for customer service, based on client feedback to us, and qualified engineers to carry out the work.

Here is an extract from their website on the seven point process of refurbishing a treadmill.

1. Selection

We carefully select the equipment that we refurbish. More often than not, the equipment that we select is either ex-showroom or has been returned by a customer. Customer returns could be because the equipment was too large; was too difficult to assemble or because there was a fault.

In any of these cases the equipment is nearly new and has hardly been used (if ever!!)

2. Assessment

At this stage the equipment undergoes a comprehensive assessment. We check for scratches in the paintwork, plastic trim, that the equipment can be assembled and that all of the motors and electronics are in working order. If any problems are found then they are logged and addressed at the next stage.

3. Repair

If any problems have been identified with the equipment they are addressed at this point. Any broken plastic trim, motors or electronics are replaced. Where it is feasible to do so, any components with scratched paint are also replaced. However, in some cases it is not economically viable for us to replace some components that are scratched. Customers will always be informed of any defects in the paintwork before completing a purchase.

4. Test

The machine is then fully tested to ensure that all electronics and motors are working correctly.

5. Final Quality Assurance Checks

A full set of Quality Assurance checks are made against the equipment to ensure that all of the trim is in place, as appropriate belts and resistance levels are adjusted correctly, all manuals are present, power cables, safety keys and all any other associated parts are with the machine. Finally the equipment is cleaned and prepared for sale.

6. Ready for Sale!

Only after undergoing our 5 stage refurbishing process does the equipment make it to our showroom. After choosing the equipment, our customers have the option of receiving it fully built or in component form for reassembly. We will advise the most appropriate method of receiving equipment after carefully discussing the delivery details and the intended location of the equipment in the customer’s house.

7. After Sales Service

The service that we offer to customers receiving our refurbished equipment doesn’t end when it’s delivered. We supply 12 months on site parts and labour warranty with each item of equipment.

As a visitor to this site you’ll get a FREE high impact mat (worth £50) on all treadmills over £500 to place under your machine to prevent slippage and damage to your floor.

To get your free gift just tell them you found them via our site when you call, or print this page and take it with you to their showroom. To speak to one of their advisors please call (01782) 624349.