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Launched in the USA, Sole Fitness quickly became one of the most popular fitness equipment brands in the UK. As a trusted brand, manufacturing high-quality fitness equipment, Sole has been chosen to be the official partner of Hilton Hotels for ‘in-room’ treadmills.

Built to last, Sole treadmills have an impressive Lifetime frame, 10 years motor, 5 years parts, and 3-year labour warranty cover, which underlines the quality that you should expect from this price range (from around £1000 to around £3000).

Powerful motors, spacious running decks, and large, high-quality rollers are standard to Sole treadmills, ensuring that these machines resist heavy running and are relatively quiet. Additionally, they are equipped with many conveniences such as advanced cushioning, quick access speed and quick incline keys, an integrated sound system and turbo cooling fans which all together help you to get a reliable, safe, and enjoyable workout.

Summing up, Sole treadmills are undoubtedly some of the highest quality running machines available in this price bracket and have a robust design inspired by machines used in commercial gyms to give you a great workout training at home..


Sole Fitness Treadmills Currently Available In The UK

Sole Fitness F63 Folding Treadmill Review

Sole Fitness is one of the most respected brands in home fitness with a long track record of bringing to market high-spec, high-quality, cardio machines including…

The Sole Fitness F63 currently available for £1299.00 from Sole Fitness

Sole Fitness F80

The Sole Fitness F80 has not yet been reviewed, but is available at the cheapest price from Sole Fitness for £1449.00

Sole Fitness TT8

The Sole Fitness TT8 has not yet been reviewed, but is available at the cheapest price from Sole Fitness for £3299.00

Sole Fitness Treadmills No Longer Available In The UK

Sole F60 (2011 model)

The award-winning Sole Fitness F63 treadmill has caused such a sensation over the past few years that any Sole treadmill to follow that closely resembles it,…

Sole F63 (2011 model)

The Sole Fitness F63 treadmill has been one of the most successful treadmills in the US market for the past two years, having won numerous awards. So,…

Sole F65 (2011 model)

Carrying on from the enormous and continuing success of the F63 comes a new addition to the Sole treadmill range. The need for a model to…

Sole F80 (2011 model)

The Sole Fitness F80 treadmill is one of the best selling treadmills in the US market and is now available in the UK market. It’s also…

Sole F63

The Sole Fitness F63 treadmill has continued to be a dominant force among similarly priced machines. Since the first version of the F63 was released over…

Sole F80 (2013/2014)

When the previous F80 model was released in 2011, it went on to scoop up various ‘best buy’ awards from leading experts; so too did the…

Sole F85 (2014/2015)

The F85 Treadmill is Sole Fitness’ top of the line machine in their home use category, boasting similar specifications to their Light Commercial model (The TT8)…

Sole F65 (2013/2014)

Recently Sole Fitness have had their biennial launch of the new 2013/14 ranges, and we were keen to see what new innovations they have been working…

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