How To Get The Best From Your Treadmill Running Machine

Treadmill running is not the same as running in the great outdoors. Whilst you will get fitter, lose weight and tone-up it can take a little more will-power to get onto your mill and run each day – after all, the scenery doesn’t change that much!

Treadmill Running Machine

Treadmill Running Machine

One of the key factors to achieving your goals is variation! If you keep doing the same run every day it will get a bit dull and you’re more likely to give up. Most treadmills have at least 6 pre-set programmes designed to develop a different aspect of your fitness so why not use them. Set up a training schedule and vary the runs you do each day – but do remember to have a rest day at least once a week. Many also keep track of your progress, if your model doesn’t then keep a running diary, as when you can see how much you’re improving it will motivate you to keep training to meet your next target! We’ve listed below some of the programmes and training methods available for treadmills.

iFit Training Software

A growing number of treadmills now use specialist software, the most popuar being iFit, that take control of your treadmill to take you through specifically designed programmes so you don’t have to keep pressing the buttons. The software will also keep track of your progress so can see the improvement and hence keep you coming back to meet your targets. If your treadmill can take the iFit SD card programmes you have a number instant training runs to choose from – they even have a personal trainer’s voice to talk you through it! You can get programmes such as weightloss, body sculpting and performance workouts. They cost around £25 but at the moment SweatBand have treadmill cards starting at £19.99 – click here to see what’s on offer.

No iFit on your machine?

No problem, if you have an iPod or MP3 player you can get downloadable programmes off the internet to use on your treadmill or outside. We’ve tried a series by Yuri Elkaim who has designed a number of programmes with audio instructions for all types of fitness equipment. He’s got a FREE sample to download from his website. It’s aimed at the US market so it’s one of those American style long sales letter ads and a bit over the top, but if you look about half way down the page you’ll see the free download offer. The whole programme is very well structured and good value for money in out view.

Book Recommendation

One book we can recommend is Rick Morris’s Treadmill Training for Runners: How to Utilize the Treadmill for Your Running Goals.

It will show you how to reach your running and fitness goals using your mill. The book includes over 50 workouts and training programmes designed specifically for the treadmill.

The programmes will help you to improve fitness, lose weight and train for races from a 5K up to a full marathon is that’s your target!

Obviously you’re going to have to be pressing the buttons on your treadmill to complete the programmes but for the price and the amount of information you get in the book we feel it’s very good value for money.