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Cheap, but are they cheerful?

Weslo treadmills a made by ICON Health and Fitness Ltd and are definitely aimed at the budget end of the market. They are basically solid and reliable treadmills with reasonable speeds and incline options but that’s about as far as it goes.

But when you’re paying under £300 for a running machine you can hardly expect all the fancy extras!

Having said that, you can get fit using a budget treadmill, although with relatively low top speeds you could outgrow your machine if you train regularly and want to increase your running speed.

But let’s be realistic, these treadmills are not meant for serious runners who need a wide and varied training programme to challenge them. But if you want to get reasonable fit by walking or light jogging in the comfort of your own home without paying gym fees, a Weslo treadmill will do just that at a very low price.

Our reviewers felt anything more than light jogging would overload the small 1.5hp motors, so if you want your treadmill for anything more it’s probably worth paying a little extra and going for a more powerful machine such as a Proform or Horizon treadmill.

Weslo have improved their warranty from a frankly worthless 90 day one to a generous 2 years full manufacturers onsite parts and labour – a very good deal on a budget treadmill. (Please check the details of the warranty with the retailer prior to purchase.)

So whilst they do offer very good value for money with a few useful features you may not find on other budget models, they may not be suitable if you want to do more than light jogging to get fit.

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