Nautilus Treadmill Reviews

“Great machines for the serious runner – but what about the price?”

Nautilus treadmills have been around for many years and have earnt a good reputation in the commercial fitness market for making quality machines. Their ability to build treadmills that last is also evident in models aimed at the home market.

In short you can be pretty sure whatever Nautilus machine you buy it will deliver the goods! With prices starting at around £2,000 and rising to over £4,000 for their top home treadmills they’re certainly not a machine for the casual user. But if you’re serious about your training you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Our reviewers were impressed by their stable feel – even when running at top speed, their design, the build quality and the feel of the running track.

However, they’re not cheap and you may find other brands may meet your requirements at a much lower price tag. Having said that, if you’re going to be a regular user and running for long periods a Nautilus is well worth the money. Their renown REACT absorption control cushioning system dynamically adapts to your weight to reduce the stress on your joints. Many runners love the feel and size of their running decks and are happy to run on them for hours. Their running decks are amongst the widest, at 22 inches, available on the market.

With decks this size their machines need to be powered by excellent 3.0 HP Hyperdrive motors that can keep going all day.

Nautilus back up their reputation for durability with excellent warranties that you certainly would not get with a lower priced brand. The frame comes with a lifetime guarantee, parts for 10 years and labour for 1 year, (always check the details of the warranty with your retailer.)

A number of their models appear regularly in industry expert’s ‘best buy’ lists, evidence of their quality and functionality. They may cost a little more than other comparable brands but if you can afford it it’s worth the investment to get a quality machine backed by a top warrant

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