Horizon Treadmill Reviews

A wide range of models to suit most needs.

Horizon treadmills are part of the Johnson Health Tech group who have been making folding treadmills and fitness equipment for over 25 years. Their latest machines are packed with innovative features combined with clever designs at very competitive prices – and boy do they have a lot to choose from!

With the lowest price model starting at around £350, and other machines available throughout the mid-price range up to around £1,900, Horizon have a treadmill to suit most needs.

Although their machines don’t tend to make the ‘best buy’ lists often, they are a popular choice with a good reputation for quality and attractive designs and at the end of the day they wouldn’t sell the
volume they achieve if they weren’t up to scratch.

Horizon are in a very competitive market in the mid-price range with other brands such as Proform who do appear to offer more features and higher powered motors.

However, Horizon motors have a very good track record for durability although if you will be using your machine for long, sustained running they may not be suitable.

Other models for the same price also have a higher top speed than most of Horizon’s machines’ maximum of 10 mph. Although most treadmill runners will find 10 mph quite sufficient for their training needs.

Horizon treadmills come with a very useful warranty which covers the frame for life, and a 3-year manufacturers’ parts and labour cover.

Horizon Treadmills No Longer Available In The UK

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