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A very popular brand starting at very competitive prices

Proform treadmills are America’s biggest selling brand and becoming increasingly popular in the UK. They are made by Icon Health and Fitness whose other brands include Reebok, Welso, Nordic Track and Weider.

Proform initially targeted the budget end of the market and still have models available at around the £350 mark. They now sell a comprehensive range of treadmills competing across the low to mid-range price bracket and compare very favourably with the competition.

Their mid-range machines have gained a reputation for reliability and durability making them a good choice for serious runners who don’t have £1,500 or more to spend on a treadmill.

The features are impressive for the price on all Proform models and include heart rate monitors, built-in training programmes – newer models have iFit Journal R fitness programmes allowing you to track your progress using interactive exercise workouts that can be run from videos, CDs and downloaded from the internet. Proform now also has ProResponseTM Impact Reducing Cushioning that reduces the impact on your joints – a useful feature if overweight or recovering from injury.

A good indicator of how reliable a model is likely to be is the warranty on offer. You do get what you pay for and some of the cheaper machines may have a less attractive warranty – check with the supplier before buying.

Most Proform models come with ‘lifetime’ cover on the frame, 5 year motor replacement and 2 years full on site parts and labour warranty. This compares well with other manufacturer’s warranties in the same price range.

In the past there were concerns about the use of low powered motors, cheap components and poor build quality in the lower priced models. However, in recent years they seem to have put that behind them and the models on the market today have a much better reputation.

Yet you can’t argue with the popularity of these machines and for most users even the budget models will be sufficient for the job. The higher priced machines do have better motors and build quality and will suit all but the most serious runner.

Proform Treadmills Currently Available In The UK

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Proform Performance 410i

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ProForm Sport 9.0

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ProForm Power 995i

The ProForm Power 995i has not yet been reviewed, but is available at the cheapest price from for £799.00

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